The most modern online ecosystem to make money online

We are going to make an ecosystem for people who are making money online. In our system, you could rental software, hiring coder, exchange voucher and many other MMO services... Our main products are Antidetect Machine, Antidetect Browser and Antidetect Android software.

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What do we provide?

Antidetect Productions

We have many software programs that help you change computer information, virtual machine vmware virtualbox, android emulator, real phone, anonymous anti fingerprint browser to make money online, marketing, airdrop, checkout or anything else you want.


Antidetect Machine

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Antidetect Browser

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Antidetect Android

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Anonymous Machine

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Anonymous Browser

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Anonymous Android

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Useful Website & Mobile Application

We have released extremely useful mobile apps for online work. Most of our apps can be found on Google Play and the App Store. Although we are new to this field, we have made very solid progress. Here are some outstanding applications such as


Funny Tempmail

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Quảng Ninh News

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Shorten Link

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What is our services?

Our Professional IT Services

We provide information technology software and solutions for individuals and organizations to help reduce human load and save time by automating, improving work efficiency and keeping up with the times by Enterprise digital transformation solutions. Besides, we also actively build an ecosystem for people who make money online with multi-utility services...

Coding Automation Software

We program computer software according to requirements of customers, in which mainly automatic manipulation software, simulate real people to interact with websites. In addition, we can also handle software that interacts with android devices well. Check out some available software here.

Design SEO Website

We will design for you SEO websites suitable for the needs of introducing yourself and your business. We have a lot of experience and have done many projects, mainly for real estate companies. Besides, we also build portal websites for task management, warehouse management, CRM, HRM...

Coding Mobile Applications

We will design mobile apps for customers and support uploading to Google Play and Apple Store. You can see the Funny Dev developer profiles at Google and Apple.
How the network working?

Consolidate everything into one platform

Consolidation activities of online services and software applications, mobile applications in a single platform. By the way, you could renew software license, hire coders, exchange voucher of our services, buy anything on our store or trade to anyone else. Hot online services such as

Sell various accounts
Rental software
Check IP
Check email
Order simulator
Rental proxy socks5 ssh
How to join us?

Start Using Our Platform

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Register / Login To Our Platform

Please fill in the appropriate information to register an account and if you do KYC we will give you more benefit.

Do The Tasks List

With some first tasks from us like follow our Fanpage, Youtube, feedback about our software and services... you could get benefit.

Use Our Services

Buy and use software applications, referral to earn more from the Affiliate program.
Why you must choose us?

Our Features

Growing from the mistakes of the past, we are increasingly improving the quality of our products, services and customer care. We build a strict process, publicize clear policies and terms of service, force customers to sign an electronic contract to use our services.

Modern technology

We are pioneers in updating technology and features. You can be completely assured that when using our services, you will always experience the latest and most modern things.

New monetization mode

You pay a fee to rent computer software or use our services. However, by giving feedback and continuously using our computer software you will receive benefit in our ecosystem.

Support System

We have built a support ticket system. However, for potential customers, we create Telegram, Facebook and Zalo groups to take better care of customers by answering questions or Teamview.

Global Business

Our market and target is worldwide. We have hundreds of customers in Vietnam and about a thousand customers in Asia. Our orientation is going to continue growing business in Europe and America as also completing international legal procedures to open branches in foreign countries.

Score goals

We have had success with small goals in building systems and selling computer software. Thanks to that, we built a large amount of money to be able to further develop into an ecosystem. With this new system we will help our clients to preserve part of their investment with free earning mechanism.

Perfect security

We are one of the contributors who help bug report, idea and release PyArmor - Python Obfuscator, one of the authorized distributors of CMC Corporation. At the same time, we also own many other security products such as IonCube PHP Encoder, BabelFor Enterprise, Javascript Obfuscator Enterprise...

Public Growth Road

Our History Of Formation

9 Jun 2019
Funny Dev brand was born

Start from a software that help to print styled maps from an input address, we made the first 75$. We are the top team who use Python and Tkinter to make GUI and code some software from that to help people making money online. During this period, we still have many shortcomings in terms of customer care leading to some communication problems. But we have sincerely overcome the consequences and use the most demanding attitude to improve the efficiency of customer care.

28 Aug 2020
The first office and tax number

We officially register the Funny Dev trademark as Funny Dev Digital Solutions and Software Co., Ltd. Our first headquarters is at No. 38 Trung Vuong Street, Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. At this point we started hiring and building a computer software rental system for people who make money online. According to the consolidated financial statements for 2021, we have an average revenue of $ 8500 per month and many other real assets in terms of facilities and computers, domain names, brands, and loyal customers is about 300 people. However, there was a conflict between the CEO then and the founder in running the business and the next direction in the future. Therefore, Funny Dev continues to once again fall into a quiet state after the sublime days.

Nov 11 2021
The first antidetect combo in Vietnam

We have now gone public, changed owners, and the founder has regained his title of chief executive officer and full ownership of the business and the Funny Dev brand. Our company name now is Funny Dev Digital Solutions Join-stock Company. At this point we are completely autonomous in terms of permissions, undertakings and economic policies of the company. With the introduction and development of combo Anonymous Machine and Anonymous Browser, we have revenue of about $ 90000 in 2021 and have the first month of selling up to $ 35000.

10 March 2022
A powerful ecosystem being released

We are expanding globally and once again bringing our brand and technology to every industry and sector. You can see the projects we are releasing at Projects: FunnyDev.Email, FunnyDev.CC, FunnyDev.Edu.Vn, FunnyDev.Tools, But any investment or developments of us are affiliated with the Funny Dev Network.

From 2023
Funny Dev Token Initial Coin Offering

Unlike NFT project liars who will call you to buy profitable investment packages without doing anything, here we are just simply creating a virtual currency unit to trade in our ecosystem. Earning has 2 ways: free and paid. With the use and feedback of Funny Dev products, doing online tasks in the system will give you free benefit. In addition, you can also use your bank account or other online payment methods to recharge - this is different from "buying a profitable investment package" and sitting without profit. Work if you want to eat. If want to get benefit you must use our products, our services, feedback, review, like our Fanpage, subscribe our Youtube, refer someone uses our services...


What people say about us?

We always bring practical values to the community and customers.

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‟ Technology services are currently one of the fields with breakthrough development. Among them, software design is one of the services that are highly appreciated for its potential for future development. And when it comes to quality software design service providers, Funny Dev is the address that you can refer to. “ View more
Da Nang City Online Da Nang City Electronic Newspaper
‟ In the current digital era, technology services are gradually becoming popular... among the potential units in the technology service market, it would be a mistake to ignore Funny Dev. Funny Dev has been gradually asserting its position through really quality products and services. “ View more