Auto Register Facebook
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Register Facebook accounts with multiple options.

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  1. Version: 1.2.6.
  2. Base on: PC, Mobile browser, Facebook app and Request.
  3. Verified method: By SMS API (many supportable SMS server: 11 VN and 1 USA) or by email otp (IMAP, Firefox profile, Temporary email).
  4. Name: United States, Viet Nam, Việt Nam, Thailand… (Update continuity).
  5. Avatar: Using AI to create never-exist-before human face (prevent from 72h checkpoint) and random image or not upload anything.
  6. Cover: Using random image or not upload anything.
  7. Access token, cookies and 2FA: Exportable.
  8. Interative: Recommend to like or subcribe accounts, fanpage… Add 5 friends as Facebook’s suggestion.
  9. Connections:
    • No change: Use default IP.
    • Proxy: From Funny Dev’s server or manual input by customers or from online services like luminati.io, proxy.tinsoftsv.com.
    • Third-party softwares: Popular is VPN softwares like HMA VPN Pro (2.8.24), Nord VPN (lastest)…
    • Dcom (rasdial): Use rasdial like Viettel, Mobifone, Internet MTS…
    • SSH: Input file as type of ssh|user|password.
  10. Multi-threads: Yes.
  11. Browser: Selenium Firefox (mod) with random user-agent manually or automate from Funny Dev’s server.
  12. Environments: Windows x64 like Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012…
  13. Support VPS, VMwares: Yes.
  14. Purpose: Register Facebook accounts with multiple options.
  15. Cash back wallet: 10%.
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1 review for Auto Register Facebook
  • nazif 10 September, 2020

    it is good software. if your pc properties and internet connection is well. it is create accounts very fast.

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